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LightForce Brackets in Southwest Edmonton

  • LightForce brackets provide the fully personalized treatment with our custom 3-D printers brackets for our patients
  • Detail 3D scanning of teeth are completed and our orthodontists fully customize the brackets for each patient and these are 3D-printed to be placed for our patients.
  • More predictable outcomes
  • Less visits
  • Better accuracy
  • Translucent Brackets
  • Clear elastics to dress them down and blend with tooth color
  • OR colored elastics to show them off

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Lightforce Orthodontics vs Traditional Orthodontics

Introducing Lightforce Orthodontics SW Edmonton

Lightforce Orthodontics Patient Interview

Orthodontic professionals have made major strides over the years to make orthodontics as accessible and efficient as possible so we can help everyone smile through life with ease. Innovative technology like LightForce 3D printing has married the sleek and discreet nature of Invisalign trays with the tried-and-true nature of classic metal braces. At Towne Square Orthodontics, we proudly offer LightForce 3D-printed ceramic polycrystalline alumina brackets as an aesthetic alternative to metal brackets for traditional braces.

How LightForce Brackets Work

LightForce 3D printed brackets offer a personalized orthodontic treatment plan for every patient. The clear, ceramic brackets are created using digital images of your teeth, so they fit seamlessly with your tooth anatomy and bite. These brackets are paired with traditional arch wires to provide a hybrid braces experience that results in less discomfort, more effective straightening, and shorter treatments. You will still need to tighten your LightForce braces regularly, but you can look forward to straighter teeth in less time.

What Sets 3D Printed Brackets Apart

LightForce uses revolutionary 3D printing technology to create custom-fitted, clear brackets that are designed to fit perfectly on your teeth for maximum comfort. The ability to create an entire treatment plan digitally makes for a more accurate assessment of how long you will need to wear LightForce brackets to achieve your desired results. To find out if LightForce brackets are right for you, book a free consultation today!

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